County Positions

County Positions

How does the League stand on county issues?

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Administration of Justice

Position History: Adopted 1974, Updated 1979.

Supports measures which will enable the judicial system of the county to provide for all citizens adequate access to legal services, to make available effective pre-trial release programs and to encourage methods that assure a fair and speedy trial.

County Charter

Position History: Adopted 1968, Updated 1974.

Supports the principles of the County Charter which should provide a strong manager form of government, the short ballot, clearly drawn lines of responsibility and authority; the present method of representation with mandatory redistricting after each federal census; and periodic review of the charter.

Intergovernmental Cooperation 

Position History: Adopted 1975.

Supports cooperation and coordination of the county, cities, and special districts in the county; reduction of duplication and overlapping jurisdictions; annexation of developed unincorporated areas, and special districts when they meet specified criteria.

Voting Systems and Procedures

Position History: Adopted 2005.

Supports voting systems and procedures that are secure, accurate, recountable, accessible, and fair. Systems should allow for testing, certification, and provide several methods of voting and counting. Systems should be open for observers, but assure voter privacy, and should include responsible poll worker training and uniform standards for provisional voting even outside the voter's home precinct. Choosing of voting systems and procedures should allow for new technologies.

Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)

Position History: Adopted 2005.

Supports the election of the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors by using instant runoff voting (IRV), which allows voters to rank all eligible candidates. To promote public confidence the Registrar of Voters is urged to make the raw ballot data public immediately following the election before cetification of the results.

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Natural Resources

Flood Control Management

Position History: Adopted 2000.

Supports a fair, equitable tax and spending structure for flood control, stream maintenance, water quality protection, and healthy creek and river ecosystems in the Santa Clara Valley Water District; supports sunset provisions for flood control.

Hazardous Materials Management

Position History: Adopted 1985.

Supports continued implementation of the hazardous materials ordinances with adequate funding, properly trained staff and periodic review to waste stream, protection of the environment and financial responsibility, including strong public education. 

Land Use Planning Policies

Position History: Adopted 1973.

Supports planned growth policy for the county and cities; opposes the continuation of rapid sprawling growth in the County, and the consequent erosion of natural assets.

Solid Waste Management

Position History: Adopted 1984.

Supports a Solid Waste Management plan for the County that emphasizes cooperation among local jurisdictions in seeking long-term solutions, measures to reduce the waste stream, protection of the environment and financial responsibility including strong public education.

Water Resources

Position History: Adopted 2005.

Supports (1) Provisions to assure adequate water supply by using conservation, recycling, and wells for emergencies. (2) Local control of water resources and measures to protect water supply in disaster situations including drought. (3) additions to the LWVC Checklist on Privatization provisions on protection of infrastructure, public input and disaster preparedness. (4) Education of professionals and the public regarding conservation landscaping, standards for conservation in landscaping and certification for landscapers and professionals.

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Social Policy

Juvenile Justice

Position History: Adopted 1971, Updated 1978, 1993, 1999.

Supports measures to prevent delinquency and provide alternatives to detention of juveniles. Supports services for dependent children and their care providers to focus on the best way to meet the needs of the children who are separated from their families. Continued support of the principle that juveniles who are status offenders should not be held in secure facilities. Support of funding to meet the needs of the children, their care providers, and support services.